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Client Portfolio
Here are just some of the prestigious publishers who have invited Geo-Innovations to prepare unique, customised artwork. In each case the artwork was created to individual specifications and to fit exactly where the editor or designer required.
New World Atlas Cover
Collins New World Atlas
ISBN 0 00448936 5
HarperCollins Logo
These fine refence atlases are part of the ground-breaking Collins world atlas concept established by the award-winning Collins New World Atlas.

Calling on the creative skills of both designers and cartographers, these atlases present an accurate and utterly exciting view of the world through innovative reference maps, 3-D terrain landscapes, and a stunning collection of geographical images.

Geo-Innovations were asked to generate the perspective terrain visualisations for each of the continents, together with many other perspective feature images and globes, two of which are shown here.

HarperCollins Consice Atlas Cover
1. Europe perspective. A general view of the whole continent to demonstrate its relief.

2. Oceans. Featuring three globes with bathymetric relief, and a matching panoramic sub-sea relief image.

Collins World Atlas, Concise Edition
ISBN 0 00 714498 9
Alan Collinson Design / Geo-Innovations are proud to have been invited to contribute to these ground breaking ventures, the brief for which, was to produce maps that would break the mould of British cartography.
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