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Client Portfolio
Here are just some of the prestigious publishers who have invited Geo-Innovations to prepare unique, customised artwork. In each case the artwork was created to individual specifications and to fit exactly where the editor or designer required.
Wildlife Atlas
ISBN 0 7621 0354 X
Reader's Digest Logo
"Stunning panoramic illustrations take families around the world to discover where and how wild animals live."

"A sweeping, colourful, and captivating compendium, Wildlife Atlas takes readers of all ages on a global tour of animal kingdoms."
Geo-Innovations North American Grasslands
"Vivid maps and spectacular artwork span the continents to illuminate eight distinct habitats and reveal the survival secrets of their eclectic inhabitants."

"Astounding three-dimensional maps show where each habitat is found and introduce the array of animals that live there."

For this atlas, not only were we to create the terrain models but also to plant the vegetation types. As illustrated, one of the key features of this atlas are the habitat cut-outs from the terrain data, to emphasise the relevant areas. Just one of the many techniques created by the Geo-Innovations team.
We are proud to be associated with this superbly illustrated book by John Farndon.
Reader's Digest World Atlas
Reader's Digest World Atlas
ISBN 0 2764 2724 6
"This is one of the most visually exciting atlases ever produced. Realistic images make you feel as if you are actually there, wherever in the world you're looking at!"

The power of Terrain Visualisation to change the way we look at things is no more readily illustrated than with these massive Reader's Digest panoramas. Five dramatic fold-out spreads reveal the unique features of the earths landscape, as never before; the drama of the Rift Valley, the amazing arc of the Caribbean islands, the majesty of the Himalayas, the tortuous course of the Yangtze River, and the beauty of the Mediterranean.
Geo-Innovations Australasia

"Beautifully illustrated.This really is a volume to treasure."

In response to the effectiveness of these Geo-Innovations images, we were delighted to also be asked by Reader's Digest to create cover images for the World Atlas and all its co-editions.

Geo-Innovations Himalayas

The Reader's Digest World Atlas has won the Benjamin Franklin Award 2005 for best illustrated reference book in the USA.

It also recieved a highly commended in the British Cartographic Society's International Design Award 2004.

Geo-Innovations Himalayas
Nature's Mighty Powers:

Our association with Reader's Digest has continued with a new series of commissions for the forthcoming 'Nature's Mighty Powers' series.

Following the success of the Reader's Digest World Atlas, new fold-out spreads were commissioned as well as a range of subject maps describing recent current events.

For the first of the gatefolds, Geo-Innovations were asked to create a piece of map-art which combined the flair of the artistic world, whist maintaining the accuracy and credibility of the cartographic world. No small request!

To achieve this, Geo-Innovations developed techniques never before seen in either cartography or publishing.

Mighty Powers Oceans Spread
Path of Katrina
Path of Katrina

We would like to thank the Reader's Digest for giving us the opportunity to contribute
to their ground breaking publications.