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3-Dimensional Earth
ISBN 1 84028 485 4
Client Portfolio
Here are just some of the prestigious publishers who have invited Geo-Innovations to prepare unique, customised artwork. In each case the artwork was created to individual specifications and to fit exactly where the editor or designer required.
"Spectacular panoramic maps of our amazing planet"
"Sensational fold outs of the continents and oceans"

"Zoom over continents, swoop over the oceans and hover over mountains!"

"Ordinary maps show you where places are, but imagine you could fly above the earths surface and see it for yourself. This extraordinary book allows you to do just that. It uses new computer technology to create
spectacular panoramic maps of the Earth's incredible physical features."
These were just some of the accolades and testimonials for our work on this remarkable atlas.

This whole atlas is built around the panoramic terrain visualisations of Alan Collinson Design / Geo-Innovations.
The atlas also engaged our editoral staff who sourced, compiled and drew the world climate types, rainfall and temperature maps.
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